Just The Four of Us

As the sun breaks through the blinds of the window, I wonder when they will awaken. I have been awake for at least a hour. Thinking, praying, thanking God for another day. It’s not just any other day. It’s a day in the week long break from school, Thanksgiving break. Though it’s not directly spoken we all know. School breaks mean sleepovers in mom’s room. They gather their chosen items from their room, my room and other found items around the house to make their spaces on my bedroom floor. They create boundaries of their own spaces, within my space and we stay together. Through Harper’s nap times, and our meals we all stay in the same room together. We watch movies on top of movies, we laugh, we learn more about each other, and we allow each other to have our own space but despite it all we remain together. Showing Harper the ropes the way our family is woven together is easy. It’s natural it’s like she was always meant to be right with us. Thank you God for making me their mother, thank you God for who they are and the woman they are growing into. Thank you God.

This is the frame work of our family. We don’t have much but no matter what comes our way we stay together. Our worst times and best times, our growth and our times of stagnation. We stay together no matter what.

Just the four of us… Thank you God.