This is Me

A 34 year old freckled faces girl… or maybe that should be woman…?

I am the youngest of two sisters.

I was married and divorced in my twenties and never thought I would do either.

I have never worked in a fast food restaurant.

I have worked at three different restaurants as a server.

My grandfather passed on my 8th birthday.

I have a Mongolian birthmark over my left eye.

I don’t do makeup.

I have Trypophobia and maybe a little or a lot of Arachnophobia

I had formal model training when I was 13.

I have terrible eye sight which makes me hate driving at night.

I am a hopeless romantic however extremely guarded about expressing myself.

I am a crybaby but refuse to let anyone see me cry.

The words jelly and bump put together make my skin crawl.

In high school I wanted to finish school and become a hippie.

I believe clothes should never be about the trend and more about how it makes you feel.

If it feels good just wear and with confidence.

I have a college degree and I hope to go back to school because I love education.

I love gum and sticky stuff (still).

The best job I have ever had is being a mom. All I want to do is be a mom, yet a small piece of my heart belongs to photography and film.

I am a photographer.

I am Marci.